Books I Want to Give to My Teenage-self

Growing up in a time when YA fiction wasn’t as prevalent as it is now, if I had a time machine there are so many YA books I would send back in time for my teenage-self.

Too Much Plot, Not Enough Character

Stories should be about character. Everything that happens in a book should be centred around them. Plot should not be in the driving seat taking your readers for a ride – your characters should be.

Podcast Recommendations

Recommendations for the podcasts that keep me company when I need some noise in the background.

How to Write a Book While Working Full-time

If you’re like me, working full-time with that stubborn dream clinging to you like a leech, then it’s still possible to churn a book out in a year. It’s just harder and requires a lot of dedication.

A Quick Guide to World Building

World building is integral to a fantasy world. It’s a character as much as the rest of your cast. So what do you need to think about when you’re building a world?

Creating a Villain for the Twenty-first Century

We’re breaking away from villain stereotypes. They are no longer people who have been created as evil incarnations. Now writers are no longer fearful of showing the visible villains that protagonists are fighting against.

The Power of Repetition

Repetition can be a powerful and effective writing technique. Whether it’s repeating a single word or phrase, like Patrick Ness often does, or whether it’s looping back to an idea throughout your story, it can add an extra depth, and pack an extra emotional punch.